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Standard exercise mill

Standard exercise mill or start exercise mill of TRACO


Our horses are walked round togheter in a flock through the grazefor for ages long. The flock travel many miles a day. During this natural life the horses had planty of exercise, so their condition and health where very gut. Todays most of the horses are standing days long on stall and if they have lucky, they will be riding for two times a week. It's much better if the horses have their exercise every day. To make this diffecult job easier you can use a horse exercise mill. With a exercise mill you can exercise 4 till 10 horses at the same time. By using a excelent exercise program your horses wil be keep fit and healther and a higher condition. The training with the exercise mill can be a expansion of your training for contest or match or push up the condition of recreation horses.hera-standard-molen


The TRACO exercise mills are exellent better as the exercise mills in the past. The safety and elbow-room are much better. Also the excellent training programs. You can change these programs stepless. The exercise mills are very stabel and easy to maintenance by using high quality stail contructions By using thermical galvanize stail parts, you have minimal rust formation, so you have many years a correct working.


The mill is specialy build for using by animals. The horses are walking free in sepparated rooms. The division fench can be made electric. These fench are mounted flexible with large rubber stroke.


The control of the TRACO exercise mill can handel automaticly programs or controled by hand. Sophisticated training programms can be programmed in the computer. The fastness can be control stepless. You can also program the turning of the walk direction in the computer.
Here is a Video of an exerciser for small mini ponies and dogs.


Animation of the divers principle of the exercise mills



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